Siproxd and dual WAN?

  • Anyone have any luck using Siproxd with an interface other than "wan"?

    I have dual wans on an Alix board.  I don't currently have any failover or load balancing rules configured.

    I had originally specified my inbound interface as the vlan my phones are on, and my outbound interface as WAN2 in Siproxd.

    The phones would successfully register with the remote server (PBX in a Flash), except they would register on the WAN public IP address, not the WAN2 public IP address.

    If I try to make a call, I would get one way audio.  A packet capture reveals that even though the phone registrations on the server side appeared to be coming from WAN1, the SIP invites were coming from the WAN2 address.

    I switched my Siproxd settings to use WAN1 and everything works fine now, but I'm worried that I won't be able to use my WAN2 in a failover situation.

    Has anyone else got Siproxd to work over a secondary WAN yet?

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