Problem with Pfsense 1.2.3 CPU pinned to 100%

  • Hey Guys,

    I am somewhat new to pfsense. I installed 1.2.3 on a old dell 2400 with a Celeron 2.7 gig with 512mb of ram. I have a 80 gb hard drive as primary and a secondary HD that is 250 GB. I installed it successfully and am on the internet and my lan works. Everything works great but there is one little problem. The GUI is telling me that the CPU is pinned to a 100% and I know it is because when I go to the GUI it takes forever to get a login prompt and navigating thru the GUI is extremely slow. Has anyone seen this?


  • I seem to recall seeing at least a couple of reports of this sort of thing. I suggest you search the forums for "100%" and see what turns up.

  • Running "top" to see what process(es) are tying up the CPU would be a prudent first step in troubleshooting this.

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