Re: How to change boot device permanently

  • I want to make a CD boot disk but my boot sequence in bios needs to show this. I could use some step by step instructions.

    so i kindly request you please help me.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I split your post into a new thread, it was unrelated to the thread in which it was posted originally.

    If you want to make your BIOS boot from CD, you'll need to consult your system's manual. Every BIOS is different, so there is no single set of step-by-step instructions that can be written to help you.

    In general, it goes something like this:

    • Get into BIOS (varies by mfg, could be Del, F2, F12, F1, etc)
    • Find boot settings (Could be boot menu, or advanced, or anywhere really)
    • Adjust the boot order (Could be by pressing enter on an option, hitting +/- to adjust order, hitting F5/F6 to adjust order, etc)
    • Save and exit (Could be a menu option, could just press esc, maybe a special key, etc)

    Make sure that your hard drive is still bootable, just at a lower priority than the CD.

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