Realtek gigabit (onboard)-controller RTL8111DL just 10MBit

  • First off all, hello guys!

    I'm new to this project but I already love it. :) And while I'm writing this, I already ran into my first problem. My network is the following:

    WAN - Intel Pro100s NIC
    LAN1 - Intel Pro1000 NIC
    LAN2 - Intel Pro1000 NIC

    Those three work fine so far, not surprised as they appear on the HCL. But for my LAN3 I use an onboard Realtek chip and if the manual is correct (Mainboard is a MSI G41M-E43) it is a Realtek RTL8111DL which is NOT on the HCL - and here's the problem. While the Intel NICs do well and run with max. speed, the Realtek one just runs 10baseT/UTP <full-duplex>which is a bit poor as my home server and connected through it. There any solution or future update so that this NIC is being supported aswell?

    Thanks in advance! :)


    edit: btw, I'm running v2.beta4, package should be oct. 2nd.</full-duplex>

  • You've got a system directly connected to that port?  Sounds like it's not auto-negotiating correctly.  Try forcing the file server to 1000 Full and see what happens.

  • humm - quite an easy solution, didn't even think about it.  ;D Will give it a go in a second and post if it worked. Although, I had connected my wifi access point for testing aswell and result was the same. Well, I'll see in a second.

  • right, probably just the cable is faulty, just played a bit with the connectors and suddenly it appeared as gigabit connection… Thanks anyway. :)

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