Pfsense 1.2.3-Release + Squid + OPEN-LDAP

  • Hey guys,

    I'm trying to get squid authentication with Open-ldap. I have tried almost every combination but with no luck. I'm sure Ldap is working because i'm using it for other stuff..the problem is with pfsense.

    My database: ou=People,dc=lotr,dc=local
    sample user: uid=bugsbunny,ou=People,dc=lotr,dc=local

    In pfsense:
    LDAP server user DN: ou=People,dc=lotr,dc=local
    LDAP password: nothing
    LDAP base domain: dc=lotr,dc=local
    LDAP username DN attribute: uid
    LDAP search filter: nothing

    Unfortunately it isnt comunicating with LDAP and proxy authentication isnt working :(

    Any ideias?
    Thank You

  • Hello,

    This is really late, but I just began using pfSense and ran into this same problem. In my searching for the answer I have found your post with no answer I too was struggling with exactly what you are/were experiencing.

    Here is a solution I figured out after much messing around

    for the filter search string type in "uid=%s" the rest of what you have should be OK

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