• hi all….

    i'm new in pfsense can u all give me suggestion how to remote my pc at office from home...

  • A lot more information would be needed to give more detailed and useful advice.  Consider a VPN tunnel to your office.

  • you can enable ssh. and use ssh to create tunnels to your remote systems. and then connect to them. im sure google can show you how its all done. this is what i do and its very handy. i use the program putty to connect to ssh from windows.

  • maybe remote desktop??

    at my work, they provide us all laptops with docking stations, and they have the vpn all setup on them, so you can take them home and its just like at the office.  baring that they have outlook webmail setup for us as well.

    you may want to talk to your IT people, they may have something for work at home ppl already setup and its just a matter of signing you up.  IT doesnt usually like end users jury rigging to do diy solutions for this type of thing either because of security.

  • VPN and RDP is probably your best bet if the IT people allow it.
    If you have software installation rights then logmein is the simplest method since it doesn't require port forward like VNC.

  • I want to set up remote access to work pc. Assuming both home and work router are setup for VPN passthru can i set up a tunnel between both pc's?

  • DaveGreen, it's better to ask your own question rather than adding it to the middle of somebody else's.

    It depends on the VPN technology you're using, but ISTR that VPN Passthru is only for the client end.