Use usb pen drive for data

  • Hi to all,
    i read on this forum that still not is possible with "OFFICIAL" release of pfsense to boot and use a pen drive as storage media.

    1. some news about when this will be possible?
    2. Is possible to start from live CD and store data in usb Pen Drive
    3. I have a Fedora Server with 4 ethernet card that is my firewall. What is the best way for try pfsense over this same server without modify the current configurazion of the server? I thinked (before know that is not possible) to shoutdown system after work time, launch from usb and test configuration that i created in VMware system. But if i can't start from usb, exist a way for start by live cd and save data on usb?

    1. We don't plan on maintaining a 3rd kind of media. Most likely this won't become officially supported.
    2. Yes. Plug in the USB-Stick before you boot up the livecd. You will notice an additional Option at the consolemenu (98). Run it and make the USB-stick the media that holds the config.xml. The media has to be msdosformatted.
    3. Use the livecd. it won't write anything to your harddisk unless you run option 99 frrom the shell (don't be worried, it will ask several times before erasing anything even if you run that option accidently; or just unplug the hdd if you are scared;-).

    1. and 3)  -> OK then. Is enough for my test.

    tnx a lot

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