Simple NAT 1:1

  • Hello,

    I have  Pfsense with two newtork cards :

    • LAN side : and Pfsense interface :
    • WAN side : ZZ.ZZ.134.0/24 (public network) and Pfsense interface : ZZ.ZZ.134.130

    I want to enable NAT 1:1 between these two networks. I don't edit any Virtual IP.
    If I choose NAT between <-> ZZ.ZZ.134.129, I can go to the Internet and website like danasoft show me my IP at ZZ.ZZ.134.129. Well.
    If I choose NAT between <-> ZZ.ZZ.134.128, I cannot go to the Internet. There is no special firewall rules except LAN->WAN leave all ports in TCP/UDP protocol and block all WAN->LAN.

    Is Virtual IP edition necessary ? Can my problem come pfsense configuartion outside ?

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