Few remarks about pfsense

  • Pfsense 1.0.1

    • When I use webGui with firefox, my computer use about 50-60% CPU, up to almost 100%. I had to switch to IE.
    • I installed pfsense with multiwan and multi-opt. And now when I tried change LAN: IP and DHCP, pfsense freeze. On the end I back to my previous settings for LAN.
    • when I try reboot pfsense it stops after information how long pfsense runs. Hardware problem? Maybe CARP? . I need manually restart box.
    • even after using Nat reflection and workaround I still have problems to use some services in DMZ.
    • when set up default routing in firewall rules it seems not always redirect to default WAN route. I need choose manually correct gateway (maybe because of VIP's).
      -sometimes I have impression that after reboot or accept changes, it takes long time to restore access to DNS for LAN or OPT
      -graphs are too small, and I really 'd like to have graphs per IP for LAN and DMZ
      -copy MAC address doesn't work correctly


  • Sounds like you have hardware issues.

  • Maybe.
    But it is new mainboard,cpu,ddrram,2 new lan cards, 4 used but except problems I guess with routing/firewall and freezing ( maybe I should wait longer), generally everything is ok.
    I don't have enough knowledge about *BSD systems so I don't want dig to much and damage something by accident.


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