TFTP uninstall failure

  • Hi all,
    I need a hint how to manually uninstall the TFTP package.
    My System: 2.0-beta4 (24.09), nanobsd on ALIX-board.
    I have taken over the TFTP package from 1.22 on a WRAP to 1.23 and some 2.0-betas on the ALIX board without any problems.
    But during the last upgrade the system hang on boot at reinstalling (?) the TFTP package; changing the slice brought the system back.

    I tried to get completly rid of the TFTP package by uninstalling the package, but there are only some very quick messages and then hangs the system at uninstall.
    After a reboot, the package installs automatic, sometimes the system comes up, sometimes I have to change the slice again.
    the function of the TFTP server is still OK

    I need hints, how to get all parts of the package manually removed.


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