Multi-LAN, one Gateway Troubles

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    We are trying to set up a multi-LAN setup - we have 5 /24 subnets and would like them all to go through the same pfsense machine. We have opted to use pfsense 2.0beta4, downloaded in Sept 2010 (roughly).

    We are using a Dell server with 6 NICs on it. We set up the first NIC as the WAN, giving it the static ip (making up IPs here ..) and setting it's gateway to what the ISP gave us, This works, and from the pfsense box (say, in a shell session), we have full Internet access.

    We then set up another interface on a different NIC as the subnet, We gave it a static IP of and set it's gateway to, the static IP of the first interface which routes to the ISP. This works fine as well. I should note we do not use any NAT, e.g. we honestly have full /24 LANs on the Internet and need to keep it that way for reasons out of my control.

    The problem comes when we set up that third interface, We give that third interface (third NIC) a static IP of and try to set it's gateway to as well (same as the other LAN), which would then route to the ISP, but we can't - the website throws an error, invalid gateway. I should note the Gateway dropdown has no options (except None), so we clicked "Add a new Gateway".

    I've noticed going to System->Routing->Gateways gives more informative errors. Trying to create a Gateway there gives the error "Cannot create a Gateway with an IP not on the same subnet as the interface" (not a verbatim message).

    What's going on? Why can't we have all 5 LAN interfaces point to that 6th NIC, which routes to the ISP? What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the help!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If these are internal interfaces, they do not require and should not even have gateways set.

    Items inside those subnets should use pfSense as their gateway, and pfSense will use its routing table to forward them on, which if is the gateway to your upstream, it will all route properly.

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