• Right now i have 2 ISP's : Dommel and Skynet.  Both are connected to my pfsense router, which do the PPPOE sessions for those two ISP's.

    Can somebody tell me how to forward all SIP/VoIP traffic (port 5060 i suppose?) to VoIP ATA (internal IP  All the incoming/outgoing VoIP traffic have to use my Skynet VDSL connection.

  • I'm also interested in this, becouse I'm unable to forward ports for RDC (just for test).

  • Here's log attached.
    All I get is CLOSED:SYN_SENT flag.

  • I'm so stupid…...
    Had to SET GATEWAY to pfSense IP on machine, which want to FORWARD, becouse it tried to use different box as out.. ;) resoulting in connection closed flag.
    So if pfSense have LAN IP, let's say use this IP as gateway and DNS on test box.

    You can close this thread. It's solved.
    Tested on pfSense-2.0-BETA4-20101116-1840-i386.iso