Multiple Gateway IP for LAN

  • Hi,

    In our Datacenter we have mutiple subnets that are routed to our rack via the ISP.

    We are in the process of upgrading the Gateway infrastructure from a single host to a redundant setup and I am looking at using pfsense to achieve this.

    The servers we have have 4 NICS (1 for WAN, 1 for SYNC, 1 for a client network which is a single subnet and 1 for the "LAN") on the "LAN" interface I have to be able to show 5 different gateway IP's (ie one for each subnet), this was done using alias/subinterfaces in the old gateway, how am I able to do this with a master slave type failover using pfsense? If it is even possible.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If there are really other gateways for each of these other subnets, you can add them in as static routes.

    however, if pfSense needs to talk directly to each of these subnets and be their gateway, that is not possible to do with failover in 1.2.3. In 2.0 you can add IP Alias VIPs, and then add CARP VIPs in the same subnet, so it's possible, but ugly.

    If you have good switches, consider separating each subnet into its own VLAN, make the pfSense LAN port a trunk port on the switch, and setup a VLAN tagged interface for each subnet's VLAN.

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