DIAGNOSE: Your Squid log.

  • Hi Guys

    Here is a tip for you:  If you are in need of diagnosing and viewing your squid-traffic in real-time, create a script that does the following (of course you can just type the command in, but by putting it into a script, it makes for easy-recall):

    (I use on all my linus systems "/scripts" for my scripts…)
    The content of my "/scripts/tails.sh":

    • "tail -f /var/squid/log/access.log"

    (Without the "")
    PS - remember to make it executable (chmod 777 /scripts/tails.sh)
    ps1- you can use this format to view any of your logs in real-time :)

    I use:

    • tails.sh (For tail Squid): tail -f /var/squid/log/access.log

    • tailb.sh (For tail SquidGuard block: tail -f /var/squidGuard/log/block.log

    Kind regards
    Aubrey Kloppers
    South Africa

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