Embedded Installation on Lanner FW-7530 (solved)

  • Hello everybody,

    at the moment I make some experiences with pfsense and FW-7530. I am not able to boot pfsense on a cf card. I disabled console redirection but it is not booting? I tried another card and now it seems to boot (led activity and soft shutdown) but I am not able to read anything via terminal after the bios messsages? I am also not able to access one of the lan ports. Can anyone help me please?
    I tried 1.2.3 and 2.0

    Thanks and greetings from austria


  • Is your terminal serial set to 9600/8/N/1 for reading the serial console output of pfsense?

  • Thank you!!

    Shame on me. I set it to 115200/8/N/1 to enter the bios because it was the default settings of the FW-7530.
    I set the "Serial Port Mode" to "9600/8/N/1" and "Redirection after BIOS POST" to "Boo Loader" and everything is working.
    Thank you for this fast and helpful reply.

    Problem solved

    Thank you,


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