Gateway doesn't come to life after fail

  • Hi guys
    I'm trying to build a router on a intel d510 platform and pfsense 2.0. I read many issues on the forum regarding failover and laodbalanicng (but couldn't find the answer). This is actually what I need from the pfsense. I made all settings from the topic Now pfsense is switching to the active gateway if the default gateway dies, but after I switch on the modem (or put in the cable) the gateway doesn't come to life.
    I have two DSL lines. One is sufficently better, so I use it as default. I made several test and exeriments. Output: the gateway didn't revive not even 1 time after fail if the telefon cable was putted out of the dsl modem. if I putted out the RJ45 cable out of the modem, in 50% the gateway revived. I tried to play with the settings, but nothing helped. Status => Gateways: Status: Offline. Even after 5-10 min after I reconnected the cable!! No Idea what can be wrong.

    Is it a bug or have I to make right settings in pfsense?
    P.S. All updates dane. Build - download on 7.10.2010.

    P.S.S. I was ready to go home and checked the last time with putting out and in the telefon cable to dsl modem. the gateway went offline and than online…. what the fuck!?)) cannot believe) One more issue: during gateway is "offline" (but acually isn't) if I make some unsufficient changes to System: Routing: Gateways (Monitor IP or lantancy) and update changes - the gateway immidiatelly becomes online...

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