Incredible program

  • This has to be the most incredible linux program I have ever used.

    1. I am sort of new to linux… Linux has irritated me because it is open source and the 'music makers' -willy wonka do not understand that normal people do not have time energy or knowledge to make it work and use it effectively.

    Using linux is like going to a nascar shop to get a new car...when regular people go to buy a car they dont want to measure compression ratio, they dont want have to figure how how to start a car to then figure out if they have the right tires then figure out if the fuel mixture is correct then realize all of that figuring took so long that its dark outside and nascars dont have lights.

    This program allowed me to set up a router in dumb mode, this allowed me to be back up within minutes. I was astonished, then i went into the web configurator i was blown away. I cant believe all the options available, however, the normal router configuration stuf is still seperated from all of the complexity so that you can configure it better than a store bought router.

    Thank you to everyone for putting so much time into the wizards, forums, and, the program. Thanks for all of the help.

    For those that still work on the wizards and interface.

    Apple stock is at 289 a share. all they did was take linux and make it work for everyone.

  • pfSense isn't linux, its FreeBSD.  OSX isn't linux either.  Its based, loosely, around the FreeBSD core.

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