Traffic to pfsense web gui from lan unrestricted?

  • does traffic from lan to pfsense web gui also get queued  in queues on the lan interface coz the issue im having is, my lan being set to interface speed of 1mbps based on my internet download speed in traffic shaper, now when i start a file download from the web, with no other traffic being currently active, speeds hit 1mbps but then at the same time i try opening the pfsense web gui, it seems to have got a lot slower in loading so i assume that traffic is also being queued so is there any way to make traffic to the pfsense web gui have no speed restrictions, if so how?

  • Yes, the Shaper also affects traffic on Webinterface port (eg 80 or 443). You could easily change the port to something different though…

  • changing the port would only put the traffic in some other queue but how do we bypass the shaper all together

  • IMHO you can't bypass the shaper, can you?
    I would let it go into another queue and have this set to full speed. You won't consume all your bandwidth with your WebUI I guess…

  • wouldn't it be better to add this as a feature, to bypass shaper if traffic comes to pfsense ip on pfsense web port rather than have to go through the mess of creating queues and rules to do a small task, atleast it would make it more usable by newbies out of the box rather than realize this and later go through creating queues and rules.

  • Yes it would be better. I guess it is not that easy to implement, otherwise it would have been done…

  • i tried adding a feature request in redmine but Chris closed it and replied "can already do in 2.0"

    then i was reading the traffic shaper bounty thread and came across a similar post which talked about traffic between 2 subnets going through the shaper so i tried to implement the same but either im doing something wrong or there seems to be a bug, its all written down in this thread,29018.0.html

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