Users with restricted privs: missing pages

  • I have a user with restricted privileges on my pfSense-box.
    When he tries to acess a forbidden page he gets this (using https):
    404 - Not Found

    edit: several pages are not accessible nor can i select them to be accessed or denied.

    One example: smart-status. There are several more pages, but i didn't logged them.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    This is one area that is going to need quite a bit of cleanup before release but we're not at a point where anyone has been taking the time to maintain it regularly, but it may see periodic updates.

    Any time a file is added it needs proper headers for auth, and the permission name needs to be added in, etc. Once files stop getting added in (hopefully should be pretty soon) then it should be easier to go back and find/fix them all up at once.

  • thanks much for that info!

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