Strange thing when packages are reinstalled

  • Actually when the (new) snaps reinstall packages, i see that strange thing:

    I'm using squid/squidguard and noticed that no more filtering happened, so first looked at the logs which are clean.
    the services are both started.
    I tried with restarting the services with no effect. Then looked into my rules and the complete shallalist-rules were gone. The only rules here were this ones which are at the first install - with "all access granted"

    In my config the shallalist-entry was still there. Updated again (upload Url) and all is like before. My allow/deny settings were still present.

    Is this now failure of the respective package or maybe something with the package-reinstallation???


    When squidguard started, i got this "european" message…

    Oct 8 13:05:04 php: /pkg_edit.php: The command 'kill ps auxw | grep "squidGuard_blk_rebuild" | grep -v "grep" | awk '{print 1.44€}'' returned exit code '1', the output was 'usage: kill [-s signal_name] pid … kill -l [exit_status] kill -signal_name pid … kill -signal_number pid ...'

    Somwhat new and brought me to laugh about. Great joke! What for and where to pay this 1.44€ was not told...

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Some changes are happening on packages that are going to separate them from the base system a little better (so if a package uninstalls a library it can't hurt the base system) but the changes have only happened partially since we had to wait for all of the package binaries to be rebuilt before any of the GUI work could be done.

    I'm not sure if what you are seeing is related to that, but it's possible.

    Though I have no idea where that Euro symbol came from…

  • ok. So that Euro is a real funny thing… Its like an easter-egg. :)

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