Can't update DynDNS (Custom)

  • I have a dynamic IP address for my WAN.  Previously I was updating (successfully) with my IP using DynDNS (dynamic).

    Today I created a domain managed at DynDNS with Custom DNS.  I set pfSense Dynamic DNS to DynDNS (custom) and put in for the host.  Unfortunately, my dynamic IP is not being updated.  Here are the log entries (most recent first):

    Nov 26 13:51:39 php: /services_dyndns.php: phpDynDNS: No Change In My IP Address and/or 25 Days Has Not Past. Not Updating Dynamic DNS Entry.
    Nov 26 13:51:39 php: /services_dyndns.php: DynDns: Cached IP:
    Nov 26 13:51:39 php: /services_dyndns.php: DynDns: Current WAN IP:
    Nov 26 13:51:39 php: /services_dyndns.php: DynDns: _detectChange() starting.
    Nov 26 13:51:39 php: /services_dyndns.php: DynDns: updatedns() starting
    Nov 26 13:51:39 php: /services_dyndns.php: DynDns: Running updatedns()

    Now it is true that my WAN IP address has not changed, but I am updating a different location now so I want to push the update out to DynDNS.  Rebooting did not help, by the way.

    Any suggestions?

  • I ssh'ed into the console and removed /conf/dyndns.cache.  I then resaved the Dynamic DNS configuration in the Web Browser and everything worked fine.

    I would still say you should be able to explicitly force a Dynamic DNS update, though.  Perhaps the configuration screen needs to be modified to remove the cached file before submitting its request?

  • Some services will ban your IP if you refresh too often.  This is a dangerous idea IMHO.

  • Which part is dangerous?  That I removed the cache entry one time to fix it, or that you would provide a capability to allow the user to force a resync?  Not trying to be difficult… I just didn't understand the thing you were worried about.

    On a related note, my DHCP lease had been somehow released in the past 12 hours or so, and so my WAN was down.  So I renewed the DHCP lease on the Interface screen.  This all worked fine and I was assigned a new IP address.  I then went to the Dynamic DNS service to force a resync with the nameserver by saving again.  This worked fine because the IP address was different.  This brings up a few questions:

    1. Is there a way to configure pfSense automatically to try to get a new DHCP lease at some interval?
    2. Even if the lease renewal has to be done manually, I think the system should automatically resend your updated IP address to the Dynamic DNS service without an additional manual step.  Can this capability be added in this case?

  • It normally does re-acquire the lease, then runs dynamic dns update.  Your problem is not specifically dynamic-dns.  It sounds like you are amongst a few people have have strange dhcp setups with their ISP where dhclient does not work properly.  It should show that it is bound to an interface, not exiting.  I wonder if your logs state that dhclient is exiting.

  • If it happens again I'll let you know what is in the log files.  Thanks!

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