Voucher question?

  • I just have one question on two features that I have not yet implemented.
    Can be associated with each voucher issued five fields: the voucher, the expiry date of the voucher, the date of delivery, name, surname and identity card of the person to whom the voucher is delivered.
    Save them in an internal database to pfSense and after 6-8 months to delete this information automatically. This is just to keep track of persons to whom the voucher has been delivered.

    Thank you very much.

  • Sorry but I do not think you understood the question, I try to explain better:

    I would like the menu Services/captive portal/Edit Voucher Rolls/ there were any other form in which to enter:

    1. the date of delivery of the voucher
    2. the name of the person at whom the voucher has been delivered
    3. his surname
    4. his card idendità

    And that these four parameters together with those already in the menu Services/captive portal/Edit Voucher Rolls/ were stored and maintained in the firewall for about 6 / 7 the past months which they should be eliminated.

    Sorry for my English…

    Thank you very much

    Thank you very much.

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