Atom based home router, suggestions?

  • Hi there,

    Based on some friends advice, I've decided to build my own router using pfsense.
    I'm planning to use a mini-itx atom based motherboard, then add one Gb NIC and a wifi card so I can use it as a wifi access point.
    I've some troubles finding a mini-itx board with a good wifi NIC (atheros based) and one PCI slot to add an additional ethernet NIC.
    I'd love to get some suggestions!…
    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers  /jerome

  • If VLANs are supported on the motherboard NIC (and that is prettty likely nowadays) you could use a VLAN capable switch as a "port multiplier" to get additional ethernet interfaces without using a PCI slot.

    Some Ralink USB WiFi chipsets are supported in Access Point mode so you could get WiFI AP mode without using a PCI slot.

    The Intel D510MO mini ITX board is passively cooled and has a PCI Express mini card slot as well as the PCI slot. I have no experience with this board.

  • thanks for your answer, I'll have a look at the Ralink USB option and using my switch as a port multiplier…

    Cheers  /jerome

  • I have been working on the exact same project. I ordered a Maxsun MS-D510 board off of ebay (came form hong kong). It has a GB port onboard but it is not intel. I tested it with PFS and it worked fine but you should still consider adding an intel nic to use instead. This board has 2 PCI slots and a PCIe slot. I am going to add a dual port Intel GB PCIe card when I find one cheap. I popped a regular intel 100m card in one of the PCI slots and put a Linksys WMP54G PCI wireless card (its on the accepted hardware list for PFS) in the other PCI slot. I got the WAN, LAN, and DHCP working fine but I have yet to get the wireless working. I don't want to spend the money on the PCIE nic until I get wi-fi sorted out. If I can't then I will just have to add an external WAP. Good luck with your build.


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