2xDSL WAN and 1 WAN over VPN? Possibel?

  • Hi!

    I have a very strainge config.
    The config is in my business.

    There is a LAN(my business adress) and a LAN2(my home adress) they are connectet over a free wlan project(funkfeuer.at).
    every LAN and the free WLAN has a DSL inet connection. so there are 3 possible DSL connections.
    At the moment i use with pfsense and balance load the business DSL and the free WLAN dsl.

    Now i want to make a third wan to use my home DSL over the vpn.!?!

    This should give you a small overview about my config:

    LAN – PFSENSE -- WAN (DSL to www)
                          -- WAN2 (to Free WLAN node over OLSR) -- WLAN node (OLSR) -- WLAN node (OLSR) -- Gateway(DSL)
                          -- VPN(over the WAN2) -- LAN2 -- DSL

    Have anyone a idear how i can use the third dsl over the VPN? ???


  • No Ideas ???  :(

  • No ideas??? ???

  • You should be able to create an OpenVPN interface based off the OVPN client connection.  Add that connection to your loadbalance pool and assign the metric accordingly.

    However, you must realise that the additional connection is still limited by your WAN2 speeds (the WAN3, so to speak, still rides over WAN2's link).