Virtual WAN cards on one NIC?

  • I have two NICs installad one for LAN and one for WAN. What I want to do is to create 4 Virutal NICs on the WAN card so I can use MultiWAN with DHCP (100/20 connection, tho 20MBit upload per IP, and I have 5 equals 100/100MBit). Is the only true solution to use a switch that supports VLAN?

    Other solution is to run vmware with virtual NICs and then pfSense as host os. Seems unnecessary and waste of cpu power since the box is dedicated to pfSense…

  • Waste of resources ?

    If you install pfsense in vmware you will have a lot more flexible solution for any situation.

    Also if you want you can play with carp and install a few other lunixbased OS's on the same machine just for random services.

  • Yeah, waste of resources. Since I have other server to deal with other services. And this is my dedicated pfSensebox running on a small Atom mITX setup.

    So there is no other way than vmware?

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