How to check disks.

  • I have a supermicro dual xeon box with an adaptec 2120s raid controller and three 16G scsi disks running in raid 5. I have 1.2.3 release loaded. This system has been working perfectly for the last 3 years and all of the sudden stopped working (would pass traffic on any open port except 80. I think it was a config problem and one of the other people here messed with it but I can't prove that. I reloaded pfs from the CD and restored from a backup config file. I want to test these disks before I redeploy the box. Any idea how I could do that?



  • Unless your raid-controller has some builtin support for disk-tests you are at a nogo imo.

    Will be no use in doing HDD-tests (for hardware faults) against a LUN since the OS only sees a logical disk.

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    For that vintage of machine you will probably need to boot into the SCSI BIOS, NOT the RAID BIOS.

    You may have to pop off the Adaptec add-on card on the MB to get there (My SuperMicro servers from around then had that RAID card on a special slot on the motherboard, looked like a glorified minipci connector), or if the backplane is plugged into a RAID card directly, move the plug to the MB SCSI connector. From the SCSI BIOS, you can run a disk verify test. Alternately, connect the disk up to another box that has the same kind of connector for the disk and doesn't have a RAID controller, and you can probably scan it from the SCSI BIOS there as well.

  • Ok thanks.


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