• Just making a quick checkup. Im planning on Buying a Dell Power Edge T110

    Processor: Intel Celeron G1101 2.6Ghz
    4GB Memory
    2x Intel PRO 1000PT 1GbE Single Port

    I realize there probably arnt a lot of people who have this exact dell hardware specifications but is Pfsense (2.0) known to work well with Dell hardware? I'm always worried about buying something and then popping in the Install Disc and the kernel halting at some point, but it doesnt seem like theres anything fancy with this T110, no raid or anything so Im assuming everything should be fine.


  • Not with PFSense, but I use a T-series PowerEdge for a project for a client and thought it seemed like a decent machine.  Like you said its a pretty basic machine.  The fanciest thing about the one we bought was a pair of SATA drives in a raid array.  The client did later lose a disk, then their inept IT department deleted the array while installing the new one but I don't think either is Dell's fault.

  • You're saying Pfsense does NOT work on this machine? Any details as to why? Error messages? Which hardware on this is not supported? Im mainly curious is all.

  • No, he meant to say that he has experience with the machine on other configs but not with pfsense.

    There is no reason why the machine won't work.  Just take note that you will not want to use the integrated raid.  Tends to cause problems with pfsense.

  • I would like to buy it. Does this server work great with PFSense?


  • Hey there. Yes this server work great with Pfsense 2.0 (have not tested 1.2.3). I ordered it with two Intel 1000Pro nics and everything seems to work great. RAID however has issues, but Im not using RAID.

  • Thank you :)