Problem with the routing

  • Hello :),
    i have internet wich i would like to route trough the pfsense. My isp gave me 3 real ips, and a switch in this switch there are 4 cables: the isp cable and the 3 pcs wich im using and i have real ip on every one of them. My idea was to put another pc with pfsense, two NICs, one for the wan and one for lan, in to the wan ive pluged the isp cable, and from the lan nic a cable to the swith (the switch is "qubs 5*10/100 fast ethernet switch") wich will split the signal to all 3 pcs. I want to use only one static ip for the wan, and ive start working. Ive build a pc with pfsense, install everything, when i ping in the diagnostic console in the web interface i have connection with the internet from the pfsense pc. But i cant get my other PCs woking with this connection, they have only lan connection with the pfsense. My isp provide me TTL 50 so this couldn`t be a problem i thing. So with less words i want to use only one ip (wich is static), through wich 3 pcs to have internet :)

  • Did you reconfigure your PCs behind the pfSense? They now have to use the pfSense as gateway and have to be in the LAN subnet of the pfSense. Somehow sounds like they are still using public adresses.

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