SpamD - Greylisting

  • recently at my office we set up pfsense, because its an outstanding firewall with lots of features. we have been getting a lot of spam, so we set up SpamD with greylisting that seems to work pretty well, but thier have been a couple problems. one when you add an IP adress to the whitelist, it appears that it still remains in the greylist. the second being, say we want to take GMAIL, and add it to the whitelist. gmail has so many different ip adresses that when its being greylisted, and sending out the "try back later" message, when gmail tries to resend the email, it might come from a different server, in which case, it could be hung up in that greylist for hours upon hours.  does anyone have any suggestions? is thier a fix for this? could someone explain to me how exactly this works?

  • Whats meant to happen(mine doesn't even work) is:

    Black list and greylist IP addresses get sent to the pfsense box on port 25. It whittles away their time and resources. Once it has met the conditions to be allowed to send(time, connections etc), it's meant to whitelist the IP address of the sender and then port forward directly to your specified mail server. This means spammers never touch your server and waste it's resources.

    It's a great solution.

    I haven't gotten this working yet but i would love to get this working. I can't troubleshoot it that far as I don't have the know how :)

    I never had somebody else with the same issue that I had so I could never compare.

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