Captive Portal and FreeRadius

  • I have installed the FreeRadius Package and enabled the captive portal on my LAN connection.

    When I try and authenticate I get "Error sending request: No valid RADIUS responses received"

    My Settings are as follows:

    Captive Portal:

    Primary Radius Server
    IP (or should I use the WAN or LAN ip?)

    Radius ip attribute: Wan (Choose the ip to use for calling station attribute); I tried changing it to the LAN but it always reverts back to the WAN


    Listerning Interface: LAN

    I don't really know which is the listening interface.

    Do I need to add any rules to the firewall to let traffic through to and from FreeRadius?

  • i have the same exact problem here.
    although it worked fine for some time before i enable second WAN.
    i am using pfsense beta5 13-1-2011

  • Did you ever figure out why it was not receiving a freeradius response? I am having the same problem. Thanks.

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