Garanteed Download speed

  • Hi I am trying to garantee full download speed. Rather then per program I have gone per system.  I have a gaming pc general perpose machine and and download machine.

    What I wanted to do was garantee small but resposive bandwidth for the gaming system.
    Download machine to have the lowest priority for anything and everything.
    Then for the general perpose system and gaming system I wanted to provide full download bandwidth for HTTP.

    The problem I have is that I can't get the traffic shaper to provide more bandwith to the acks to provide good download speeds.

    My line spec is 5Mb down and 448Kb down on ADSL.

    Please could you have a looked at my attached profile and point me in the right direction.


  • Monitor the ACK queues.  See the traffic shaper tips and trick thread for more information but I bet your ACK queues are showing drops.  What I did was change the high priority queues. Subtracted 5% bandwidth from each high priority queue and gave that 5% to each the upload and download ack queues.  Then my drops go away and I get full line speed.

  • Well I have tryed adjusting all of that but to no avail.  The VPN traffic that I have selected doesn't do to well ether.  I am finding it difficult on how the GUI setting work.

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