Dual/Quad port NIC

  • Hi,

    Can someone recommend me a Dual or Quad NIC that works with Pfsense please?

    and anyone using Intel Pro/1000 8492MT Dual port PCI/PCI-X with Pfsense? it's not in the compatibility list..


  • See http://www.soekris.com/products.htm particularly lan1621, lan641, lan1721 and lan1741. These are all 10/100 PCI nics.

    Another approach is to use a VLAN capable switch as a "port multiplier". I suspect a suitable switch would cost less than an Intel multi-port card.

  • I'm using the MT dual port in 2 different pfsense boxes and they work fine in both 1.2.3 final as well as the 2.0 betas using the em(4) driver.

  • Thanks.. I'm ordering Intel Pro/1000 8492MT.. I will post it here once I install it…

    Thanks again

  • Guys,

    We are having a same requirement but we need 8 NIC ports to load-balance 8 broadband connections. Right now we are using D-LINK DFE-580TX 4-PORT Server Adapter PCI card for almost 2 years without any issue. And now we have similar requirement but with 2xquad cards to build 8 NIC ports but said card is not available in the market.

    As of now, we are looking for Intel PRO/1000 MT Quad Port Server Adapter - PCI - 4 X RJ-45 - 10/100/1000BASE-T but I'm looking for possibility get this using with 2  lan1741, PCI Quad ethernet boards.

    If I use lan1741 on my x86 PC, will it recognize the card?

    Please let me know if someone tried this out so that it will be ease for me to buy those cards instead of finding Intel cards.

    Thanks in advance

  • I don't have any experience with the Soekris cards but their web site says the cards are supported by FreeBSD and pfSense includes all the FreeBSD NIC drivers.

  • just an update that Intel PRO/1000 Quad Port Server Adp PWLA8494MT works perfectly fine with pfsense.

  • I'll post another vote for Intel multi port cards, although I have never tried Soekris cards.  Keep in mind there is an open ticket on 2.0 related to the Intel em(4) driver.  http://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/1093

  • I don't quite see the point in getting the Soekris dual port cards.  The Intel Dual ports are dirt cheap BNIB off ebay.  I got my Dual-port MT at US$27 with free international shipping.
    For the price of the Soekris dual 10/100, you can get 3 of the Intels which are Gbe capable.  That's a 200% immediate replacement buffer in lieu of a warranty period.
    The Quad port MT runs for about US$130 typically but I've spotted units going for US$70 on and off.

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