IMspector and Messenger 2011

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    We've been running pfSense 1.2.3 with IMspector 8.8-9 for a while with no issues, works a treat for us.  We have just had a couple of users 'upgrade' to MSN 2011 and they are experiencing seemingly random disconnects every ten-fifteen minutes.

    Has anybody else experienced an issue like this ?
    I noticed that there is a beta release with support for MSN 2011 on, I wonder if anyone has implemented this into pfSense and how they achieved it?


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    Is anyone else experiencing this issue, it may be worth noting I am running in Load Balancer (two WAN) mode.

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  • I have the same setup as you, Load Balancer with dual WANs.  I also use IMspector, but all of my users are running Pidgin.

    You probably could get one of the daily snapshots to run with pfSense, but I would be afraid to do that in a production environment.

    You should setup a test firewall, install IMspector, and copy over one of the daily snapshots to the firewall through SSH.

    Otherwise, only support Pidgin, or previous versions of Messenger.  :'(