• Hi all,

    we are currently planning a fully redundant setup with two ISP connections, redundant pfSense using CARP and redundant switches which are going to transport several VLANs.
    At the moment I'm planing the LAN side of all this. Since apparently there can be some problems using the LAN Interface for the VLANs, too, I'm going to have 4 Interfaces used:
    vr0 -> WAN
    vr1 -> LAN (mgmt)
    vr2 -> VLAN
    –---> VLAN1 (servers)
    -----> VLAN2 (clients)
    -----> VLAN3  (phones)
    vr3 -> pfsync

    So far so good, but the whole Carp thing is getting a bit beyond me. I'm going to have a Carp VIP on the WAN Side, but how am I best handling the LAN and VLAN setup? Originally I planned to only have one internal interface for all 4 internal subnets but the book says I should use a dedicated parent interface for VLANs. Since that leaves me with a dedicated LAN interface which I'm kinda not using for anyting (because everything was supposed to be in a dedicated VLAN), I figured I'll use the LAN Interface for the dedicated Management network. Does that make sense to begin with?

    The other thing is carp. Am I going to need a VIP in every single VLAN?

    Best Regards and thanks for your support!
    So far, so good.

  • you need a CARP per each vlan, the behaviour is like HSRP, so read about HSRP and you will understand how CARP is working, it is the same.

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