Pfsense on Sun Cobalt/Raq 3?

  • Has any one attempted to install pfsense on a Sun Cobalt Qube/Raq 3 machines? In terms of hardware, it seems possible although I suspect some tinkering around with the boot loader maybe needed

  • I was just about to start a new thread on this topic, as I just came across a Qube 3.  I am currently following a few howto's but have come to a dead end.  I have updated the firmware to 2.10.3, this is supposed to support booting 2.4.x kernels.  The thing I don't understand is when It boots it loads a kernel (one in firmware?) and then when it proceeds boot from disk it kernel panics.  I'm not sure whats going on, trying to understand the whole boot process but there is no documentation anywhere it seems.  I'll keep looking.  Does anyone have any experience with these machines and help us out?

  • Any luck so far? So far my experiences has been to load Gentoo on the Qube. One thing to take note of is that the Qube 3 need special partition sizes and that the kernel cannot exceed a1800K and has to be bz compressed. This site might be helpful if you have not seen it yet.

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