• but i actualy dont know where my answer lies, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, i would appreciate it.

    i have a pfSense 0.96.4 as my firewall.  inside my network are 3-4 hosts, and as expected, they have no trouble accessing the internet (via the pfSense).

    one host in particular tho, is a router (linux, FC4, and has no trouble routing in or out).  as mentioned before, this host has no trouble accessing the net thru the pfSsense box… however, hosts behind it cannot access the net.  here is a diagram:


    i forgot to label EUROPA... its ip is  in the diagram, DEVROUTER is the router in question.  the hosts listed above it can access any host on the physical inside network (which, is any host).

    of of my networking friends recommended to take a look at the ACL on the interfaces, that by default the behavior of BSD would not allow anything other than the local network outbound.  so, if i need to backend another network (or networks) thru my pfSense, what is the best way to go about this?

    i have already taken a look at the rules->LAN page, added 172.16.125 network, but that didnt do the trick.  anyone have some advice for me here?

  • an update:

    concerning my diagram, as i mentioned above, any host on the network (S1NTDS1, for instance), can sucessfully ping: (inside address of router, and default gateway for network) (routers address on the network) (pfSense inside interface) (pfSense outside interface)

    if i can ping .171.83 from, why on earth can i not ping (default gateway of pfSense, via DHCP from Comcast) ??

    totally befuddled

  • You have the same problem like in this post: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=293.0
    You nave to use advanced outbound nat and create some more nat rules for the subnets behind the other router. Also some static routes are needed at the pfsense to find back to the subnets behind the other box.

  • well, i read that article thuroughly, but turning on advanced natting didnt help any.  as a matter of fact, i even reset the entire config in my PFS, and tried it with just advanced routing, and same thing.  no packets can get out.

    anything else i can check?

  • You have to add the additional subnets after enabling advanced outbound nat.

    Did you add the additional subnets?

  • i believe i may have found a bug in the gui.

    when i turned on advanced outbound nat, my network shutdown.

    my local lan subnet is  when i turned on AON in the gui, it added  i did not notice this at first, but this error was the obvious reason i had no outbound connection whatsoever.

    this error was repeated several times, until i noticed that it was adding the wrong subnet.  once i manually changed the to, everything functiond as it would be expected.

  • its finally working!!!

    i had to recheck a couple of configurations, since i made some changes (for target implementation), so i had to fix a static route on CHIRON and default gw on DEVROUTER, but the entire DEV Virtual nework is now routing!!

    22:07:10.439862 IP > c-67-166-171-1.hsd1.tx.comcast.net: ICMP echo request, id 256, seq 30212, length 40
    22:07:10.447707 IP c-67-166-171-1.hsd1.tx.comcast.net > ICMP echo reply, id 256, seq 30212, length 40
    22:07:11.455651 IP > c-67-166-171-1.hsd1.tx.comcast.net: ICMP echo request, id 256, seq 30468, length 40
    22:07:11.462818 IP c-67-166-171-1.hsd1.tx.comcast.net > ICMP echo reply, id 256, seq 30468, length 40

    thank you hoba and geekgod!!

  • Congratulations. Great!  ;D