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    I have 1.2.3 running on a server with 3 RS232 serial ports.  Each of these are connected to managed switches.  While I'm a seasoned Linux user, I am still quite new with BSD.  Is there any way I can console my switches through a booted pfSense install?  I've tried poking around the shell for anything that looks familiar, but haven't found anything yet.

    Bonus points if your solution would allow me to send files over XMODEM :P


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    I don't think we include the right binaries in 1.2.3, but on 2.0 you could use the "tip" command to connect to a serial port.

    You could copy the tip command over from a FreeBSD 7.2 box if you want to do it on 1.2.3.

  • jimp,

    Thank you very much.  tip was exactly what I was looking for!

    Much appreciated!

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