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  • Portions of the Snort GUI are not working in IE7, IE8 (32 or 64bit) or Opera 10.63. The non working parts tend to be the 'pop ups', especially the Update process but I DO NOT have any kind of pop up blocking going on.

    It seems to work OK in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

    Snort version installed is pkg v. 1.35 but reports on the GUI 1.34, I have noticed that portions of the version update are also hard coded in particular the snort rules (which are showing as version surely transient and variable elements should be a parameter and not be hard coded.

    pfSense version is 2 Beta 4 Thu Nov 11 22:40:13 EST 2010

  • I have a problem in (last) FireFox.

    Gui is full broken, and i dont see theme when i add interface :(

    anyone have problem?

  • pfSense2 x64 build 12.11.2010 and last snort


  • Me too…

    2.0-BETA4 (amd64)
    built on Tue Nov 16 19:51:08 UTC 2010
    FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE-p1

    phpSysInf 2.5.4
    snort pkg v. 1.35
    squid Network 2.7.9_4
    squidGuard 1.4-2

  • Same here. GUI tends to show somewhere else on the browser. when we open Snort to configure.

  • I know there will not an answer but is the gui still broke or is it fixed on the latest snapshot .

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