Confusion between two LAN Cards

  • Hello Friends
    I'm very very new to pfsense i somehow managed to run it from a live CD and Play with it.
    The most confusing part while installation is the NIC selection part.
    I have two NIC one is RealTek and second is DLlink.
    How do i know which one is which ?? so that i can easily choose WAN and LAN interface.
    while configuring NIC in installation part the nic is shown as lpx0 and something like that.

    Thank you in advance for showing me a way.

  • Begin with no cables in your NICs. Have the cables connected to something that will generate the Ethernet carrier signal (e.g. a switch, cable modem etc). Then in NIC selection type 'a' for automatic mode and plug in the cable. The configuration code will see which NIC changes status due to seeing the carrier signal on the newly connected cable and then assign that NIC to the appropriate role (LAN, WAN etc).

  • Thanks wallabybob
    I got you.
    Thanks for the genuine hints.

  • You can also do it without touching your cables. More than once I've matched device names with the NICs by viewing the FreeBSD Release Hardware Notes. This also works for FreeNAS and m0n0wall.

    You can search for your specific NIC or browse the list of NICs under 3.2 Ethernet Interfaces. I've used FreeBSD release 7.2 here:

    Some kind soul has also created a shorter list that is quicker to use:

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