Nat port forwarding Carp IP

  • Hi,

    i'm trying to do a port forward from : 80 to :80.

    I have 4 network devices on mij 2 routers

    1. WAN
    2. Local lan1
    3. Local lan2
    4. Sync.

    Here is what mij port forward tables look like:

    wan tcp 21 21 ftp server (Works fine)
    wan tcp 35000 35000 ftp passive (works fine)
    wan tcp 80 (ext (not working).

    The system made the appropriate firewall rules, but i can't access mij http server. When i'm logging on with PPTP i cannot access the poort 80. Anyone knows what i'm doing wrong?

    Thanx in advanced!

  • 1. Bitmask settings is very important. Make sure you have the correct bit defined.
    2. Try using a different INTERNET connection to access ( aka outside access not access through LAN )
    3. True you have portforward ( inbound rules ) defined but did you also define the outbound rules under NAT??

    Please confirm and get back to this thread.

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