Newbie needs help: Quiet, small/1U size, low electric cost solutions

  • Hi,
    Please suggest me a solution.
    I need a quiet, small form factor or 1U size, low electric costs hardware for pfsense/monowall. I want more vpn performance than wrap  VPN 20mbps+ and platform must be silent/nearly silent as it will be in the bedroom. My budget is $200 or less.

    old hardware/appliances that i can modify will do. my application is router-firewall for SOHO startup. I will be running asterisk so i want to have vlans and sip security.what are my options?  Thanks…

    1)fanless mini-itx.
    2) any appliances like nokia ip330. I really like this but are the fans noisy? can i modify it to make it more silent?
    3)any others?


  • You will only get something used for that price and the specs. Just make sure the device you are looking for has at least 128mb ram, is x86 based and the nics are freebsd supported.

    A nokia IP330 is pretty loud from what I have heared from others (search the forum for ip330, there are some discussions about that device).

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