DHCP keeps cutting off access from LAN to WAN

  • ok, i've been trying to track down this problem for a week now, i think i've ruled our hardware failure on either of the NIC's.

    After a couple hours of normal use the LAN and WAN just stop talking to each other. That is, VPN user's on the WAN side can't access the LAN and LAN user's can't access the internet.

    I was rebooting the machine and it would come back, but then i tried just toggling on/off the DHCP server and voila, i was able to restore internet access in 5 seconds.

    Obviously i'd like this to just stop. But i'm not sure what the cause is…..

    I'm not really seeing anything apparent in the logs, but i'm not sure what i'm looking for either. I can post if that will help.

  • finally found it, for all port forwards i just created a NAT rule that would auto generate the firewall rule….. well turns out i did that for the VPN which was crashing the DHCP server over and over when people tried to connect to the VPN, even when i turned it off. Been running fine for over a week now with no problems and plenty of normal traffic on the VPN.

    just thought i'd close the loop on this one incase someone else ever bone head's it too.

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