Best way to add vlan to the lan interface?

  • Hi all,
    I am playing with vlans does days but I still have some issue affecting a vlan tag to the lan interface. Each attempts that I have made had result with a lost of the lan interface so I am wondering with on of you guys can give me the steps to achieve this.
    right now, I have this

    LAN ( -> em1
    LAN has also a DHCP attached

    I have tried this:

    • Add vlan to em1
    • switch LAN from em1 to VLAN1

    But at this point I loose my connectivity to the pf box

    So I have tried:

    • Add VLAN1 to em1
    • Add OP1 to em1
    • move OPT1 to VLAN1
    • switch LAN from em1 to opt1

    But I am not sure if this is the correct way.

    Can you give me some hints or advice to add a vlan tag to the lan interface?


  • Should we assume you've already read:


    Admittedly, the second link does much more than you want, but it should give you a decent overview of what you need to do.

    Hint: Don't assign the LAN interface to em1, use the em1 interface as your trunk interface.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for replying.

    Yes I have resd those doc, in fact I have just realized that I was no waiting enought when I loose the network because pf reconfiguring for a while and I tought that pf was dead and then reinstalled them each time…

    Ok but I still have this MAJOR issue:,30264.msg156674.html

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