Layer 7 Shaping on pfSense 2.0 Beta 4

  • I'm trying to set up a rule to block or sever P2P traffic. I've read a lot of stuff online and in the forums, but I just can't seem to understand how everything needs to be set up. Can someone give me a simple play-by-play on what settings need to be set in order for this to happen.

    I'm trying to set it up on a single-LAN, single-WAN setup. Nothing fancy here, just want to be able to control P2P, and everything I've tried so far isn't working.

  • I'm interested in doing the same for a client… I'm still trying to navigate all the various settings, though. If I come across anything I'll post it here.

  • I have tried to set this up as well.  So far no luck.  Here is what I've done:

    1. Created a Layer 7 container using built in protocol patterns that contains 1 rule for SSH and another rule for rdp.  Both rules set to block. 
    2. Setup a floating rule that has advanced rules referencing the layer7 container.

    I've tested and it appears to just let things go.

    Not sure what i'm missing.

  • its an old known issue that havent been fixed yet, no idea why, maybe its impossible to implement  on pfsense

  • if you are trying to block and not to limit the bandwidth of those p2p apps why not just create a firewall rule to allow only specific ports. :)

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