Starcraft doesn't work ? help?

  • hello there!

    this is my first post here!

    i recently switched to wrap with pfsense and even got the math and theory behind the trafficshaping. (i guess i did…hehe)

    but what i cannot run up to today is starcraft!

    1.    i enabled nat and fwall rules for battlenet-ports 6112-6119
    2.    i too enabled 116 and 118 (the old battlenet additional ports=
    3.    i enabled even port 4000 since blizzard suggests it

    multiplayer games are choppy! never works to play as usual. the games are displayed in green (no lag, good latency) in the list!

    it's only if i start playing... it beginns to lag... no idea why...

    anyone got this working?

    regards and many tnx!

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