Unlimited FTP download?

  • I set hard speed limit for one alias lan hosts.
    But I fond there is no any speed limit for FTP download.

    Test in 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-12-08-2006-pfSense

    1. I setup two new queue with Upperlimit 2Mb.
    2. test from one lan client, ftp connecting to one server outbound with standard ftp port 21.

    Upload speed is limited to 2Mb, it's correct.
    Download speed is unlimited, maybe pftpx problem?

    3. test from same client, ftp connect to same server outbound but with ftp port 2121, yes, it's not standard ftp port.

    Upload speed is limited, correct.
    Download speed is limited too, correct.

    What can I do speed limit for that standard port ftp? Thanks.

  • updated:
    This only appear while using PASV connetion to download from standard 21 port ftp.

    I just tested, use active mode, speed was limited.

  • ftp uses port 21 for commands, other ports for data tranfers.  so you have to control those other ports as well

  • Nah, not possible I'm afraid.  The FTP helper creates rules to allow passive and active mode FTP to work correctly.  The rules it creates (for the data connection) dont' assign a queue, which make the traffic matching that rule fall into the default queue.  Not much we can do about it right now.  Sorry


  • Thanks for billm's reply.
    I hope you can solve thie problem later.

  • Hello!

    I think if you activate FTP-Proxy Helper at your LAN and put a firewall rule to permit your traffic from your LAN to (localhost pfSense FTP-Proxy) you will by-pass your Traffic Shaper.

    Like this, port 21 and dynamic ports for FTP access will not be in your queues.

    Best regards,

    Josep Pujadas

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