Routing layer 2 {solved}

  • PFsense LAN –- LAN (
               OPT2 --- (Bridged with Lan) --LAYER2--  OPT1 VLAN 256 ( -- Pfsense 2  LAN
                                                                                                                        OPT2 Vlan 20 - ---

    I am having an issue we by I keep loosing comms to the pfsense 2 opt2 from pfsense 1 LAN.

    I have put in static routes but suddenly traffic just stops flowing in 1 direction.

  • I believe I have found the issue it is when the interface renews the IP. I don't get why this bridged interface is renewing the ip.

    Nov 20 17:58:39 php: : rc.newwanip working with (IP address: (interface: opt2) (interface real: bce0).
    Nov 20 17:58:39 php: : Informational: rc.newwanip is starting bce0.
    Nov 20 17:58:39 check_reload_status: rc.newwanip starting

    <interfaces>- <lan><if>bce1</if>

    • <opt2><descr>HOPTPLINK</descr>

  • Right I have spent a fair few hours working on this and I have understood what is happening but not sure how to fix. I have the LAN interface then I have bridged OPT2. The thing is OPT2 is getting a DHCP address from my server when from what I understand it shouldn't be.

    Can anyone confirm if this is right or not.

    I have also noticed that every reload wipes out the static routes.

    I am running v1.2.3

  • Does any one know how to get a static route to work for another gateway on the same LAN. Would it be worth installing OSPF and running that.

  • Sorted with update to v2.0

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