• When I power cycle my ADSL modem, shouldn't I be getting some sort of logs regarding my PPPoE connection??  When I turn it off and on again, all I get is this:
    "mpd: [pppoe] LCP: no reply to 1 echo request(s)"
    But nothing else.  Isn't there anything else that should be going on here and logged??

  • If it's connected directly to the pfsense you should see some output from devd indicating that the interface goes down or up (should read something about a hotplug event I think). However, as this sounds like you are using pppoe I'm not sure. If the interface is static or dhcp this should happen. I remember that we had some fun getting hotplug events to work several versions ago. Do you have issues getting the connection up again after powercycling the modem?

  • The modem is not directly connected, it goes though a switch first.  I only have one wired NIC in the computer, and a bunch of VLAN's, the modem being on it's own VLAN.  I guess it won't sense the connection going down because the link doesn't go down between the firewall and the switch.

    But still, wouldn't there be PPPoE negotiations?

    When I power cycle it's only for about 5 seconds, and there are no issues getting the connection up right away.

  • That makes sense as this way the pfsense can't detect the linkdown and the pfsense is not killing the pppoe right after the first timeout. Should be no issue though.