Two ISP's, I want to place all traffic from one computer to a specific ISP

  • Topic basically states it all, but I have two ISP's, And I want to route all the traffic from my Mac Mini to one my OPT1 Modem, while still being able to talk to the mac mini from other computers in my network, which those computers would use the WAN modem.

    thanks guys!

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  • Make a rule (before the default rule) for the ip of the mac mini and set the gateway to opt1 gateway. Traffic between lan subnet clients will not be affect by any rules your set on pfSense.

  • Fantastic. Thankyou very much Perry.

    Is it possible to set an entire domain eg * accessed from any pc to go through a specific gateway?

  • Not for a specific domain, but for a specific IP or range of IPS, you certainly can using the same method Perry described above.

  • I created this rule (see attached) and I get no internet traffic when I switch to my DSL line? Thanks in advance

  • Can you elaborate on what exactly you are trying to achieve please?

  • Sorry, like the OP I have multiple WAN (WAN, WAN2, WAN3DSL) connections and I want a particular IP ( to use a particular WAN (WAN3DSL) When I set the gateway to WAN3DSL I no longer have a internet connection. WAN3DSL is said to be "up"

  • What you want to do is have the default rule Default LAN -> any  setup and running fine through your normal WAN connection. Make sure that works first.
    Then in Firewall: Rules go into the LAN tab. Add the following:
    Protocol: Any
    Source: (Your PC's IP you want to route via WAN3) - I assume
    Port: Any
    Destination: Any
    Gateway: The gateway of WAN3DSL

    And that should mean that whenever tries to access the internet in any form it'll go via WAN3DSL.

  • Also make sure your rule is above the Default LAN -> any rule.

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