[pfSense 2.0/AMD64]Some VPN questions

  • Hello,

    Maybe I need the firewall in future, but for now, I am using pfSense as a VPN-Only appliance. I think it is nice to have 3 VPN options running, in case of blocked ports, installed clients, e.t.c. All the VPN's are roadwarriors (NAT-t, that is why I have chosen vor 2.0)

    I started with PPTP VPN. Successfully configured, and connects internally without a hitch. But when I forward port 1732 and the GRE protocol, I can't connect externally. The packets even aint reaching pfSense. Even when I forward the webGUI, I can't connect. Other virtual machines and computers can be forwarded succesfully.

    OpenVPN, I don't expect to get in trouble here. Done this many times, but also here the port forwarding is an issue.

    Now the biggest problem. Can someone give me a tutorial for a step-by-step guide for L2TP IPSec VPN? It is usefull, because Windows and Mac have native clients for it. Can someone tell me if there a too a client exists for Linux?

    Thanks for your time and support.
    Kind regards

  • I have forwarded your request on to the devs but I think you need to have the firewall enabled since PF handles the PPTP caller-id information.

    Re-enable the firewall and add allow all firewall rule entries if you do not need the filtering.

  • I have enabled the firewall, forwarded GRE and PPTP. No luck, I can't connect… (Internal does, external not)

  • I am sorry but you should be more verbose to even have any help.
    Provide information on how you have configured stuff(screenshots, config.xml)
    Provide /tmp/rules.debug or the output ot /status.php

    Also some packet traces are good.

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